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supporting your health through massage

empowering your pregnancy, birth & Postpartum 



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Enhance your health

Regular massage provides immense benefits to ALL aspects of health.


Empower your pregnancy & birth

Bring comfort and confidence to your pregnancy & birth through massage, doula support & childbirth education.


Heal YOU

Take the time to improve your mental & physical health through therapeutic massage.


What Clients Say...

"I am so incredibly grateful for Kaytlin's healing touch, knowledge and kindness during my postpartum journey. After a traumatic emergency c-section, I had a lot of healing to do- emotionally and physically. Kaytlin was there for both- with her amazing body work and her ability to hold space for a new mama that had a lot of processing to do. She is one of the most beautiful souls I know and I would highly recommend her services to any parent-to-be or new parent."
Laurisa, first time mom
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