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Welcome to Asher Birth & Body

caring for your growing family through birth support and bodywork. helping you to achieve the birth you desire with the support you deserve. 



As a massage therapist for the past ten years, I have always been in awe of the innate power of the human body.  When I became pregnant in 2018, that feeling only intensified. Through birth we are put to the test; physically, mentally and emotionally... but it so worth it when you get to see that tiny human you created for the first time. It was my experience through pregnancy and the birth of my son, Simon Asher, that called me to this work. I am honored to be a Bebo Mia trained birth doula as well as a licensed massage therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum massage. I believe that every journey to parenthood should be filled with love, support and of course, happiness. I am proud to serve any pregnant person (and their partners), located in the greater Phoenix area, through that journey in a capacity that educates, informs, supports and above all holds space for you to safely transition into your coolest role yet, a parent. 

Fun fact: Asher Birth & Body was named after my son, Simon Asher. Asher means 'happy' or 'blessed' which is what I hope your birth to be!


What Clients Say...

"I am so incredibly grateful for Kaytlin's healing touch, knowledge and kindness during my postpartum journey. After a traumatic emergency c-section, I had a lot of healing to do- emotionally and physically. Kaytlin was there for both- with her amazing body work and her ability to hold space for a new mama that had a lot of processing to do. She is one of the most beautiful souls I know and I would highly recommend her services to any parent-to-be or new parent."
Laurisa, first time mom
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