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Looking for a doula?

What we do...


Our doula packages are customized to you depending on your wants/needs. During our connection consult, we'll chat about what you want out of your birth experience, your expectations of your doula and much more. I'll then recommend a support package that will help you reach those goals and meet those needs. 

Questions? Set up your consult now to learn more!


Prenatal Support & Connection

During your pregnancy we'll meet to create your birth plan, talk about labor and how to work with your body, address your fears (and excitement!), and work on learning advocacy skills to get you the birth you deserve. This is all accomplished during an in-home visit or during your prenatal massages. All are opportunities for us to connect and build trust!

Labor & Birth

Regardless of where you decide to give birth, we'll be there to support you on your birthing day. Providing physical support, like massage and position changes, throughout your entire labor. Supporting you through decision making with advocacy skills and informed choice. We'll work together (you, your partner and I) to maintain a safe, comforting environment for you to bring your baby earthside. 


Postpartum Support

After baby has arrived, we'll remain together for at least 2 hours to assist with chest-feeding (if that's your plan), make sure you're connected with a Lactation consult as well as get you settled into and comfortable for your first night as a new family! We'll meet once within the first two weeks as well to be sure you're healing, doing well and have the resources you need!


Natalia & Sean

Where can I even start with reviewing Kaytlin? It's hard to put a feeling into words, but I'll try my best. Kaytlin is safety, warmth, empowerment, friendship and comfort wrapped up into one curly haired, massage giving, dad joke telling human that I love with my whole heart. I interviewed her at the end of the first trimester and never interviewed another doula, because I knew she was it for our family.
From dealing with my anxiety, to switching from a birth center birth to a homebirth at 35 weeks, Kaytlin provides a neutral, loving and well informed perspective. She was extremely organized and well prepared in her prenatal visits and when it came down to labor, I wanted her by my side virtually the whole time. (Listen to me when I tell you having a doula who's a massage therapist is pure MAGIC.) She is forever a part of our family and I'm so grateful for her and the amazing work she does as a birth worker. If I have another baby she'll be one of the first people I call


Aimee & Caimen

Just had my last postpartum appointment with Kaytlin and I can’t even fully express what a huge blessing she was to our family through this whole process!
We were a little late to the game looking for a doula. I had an emotional breakdown at 33 weeks pregnant, all the feels of being far from family and friends, being a first time mom and really feeling like even after all the reading that I really had no idea what I was doing! I was hesitant to even look at doulas because we were crunched on time and coming up with the finances last minute, but it was 110% worth it!!! After searching through moms pages for doulas I fell upon Asher birth and body and sent an email. Literally the best decision I made during this pregnancy. Kaytlin was able to meet right away, made us feel confident in her knowledge, was super friendly and most importantly didn’t make me feel judged about the fact that I was considering an epidural. Which I was concerned in general that a doula would make me feel guilty. She absolutely just wanted to support me in whatever birth story I was hoping for! She was able to meet with us several times before birth, helped create a birth plan, sent all the information I was wanting knowledge wise and more! She made me feel extremely confident going into my birth. I was able to contact her with any concerns and questions and if she wasn’t a 100% sure she’d get back to me with more information. I did a hospital birth, so she did the leg work on her end making sure she had everything in place to attend, which took the pressure off of me. And when it was go time at the hospital I was soooo soo thankful I had her. If you are hesitant at all/not sure you need a doula. I’m telling you now that just the time during active labor having her was worth hiring her! She helped me through all the breathing, actively helped my husband with how to assist me, made sure I knew all my options for birth positions and I really did try it all! I 100% know I would NOT have made it through an unmedicated birth without her and I’m so glad I did! If you are wanting an unmedicated birth, she is your women!! She also gets great photos of the whole process, that I’ll cherish forever! She not only provided amazing care during pregnancy, her massage services and birth, but also postpartum checking in regularly, and meeting up twice to help you process and just as a friendly face. I know that she will be a lifelong friend and that’s really what you want out of someone that helps bring your little into the world.


Lauren & Chris

I had my first baby 4 weeks ago and I am thrilled to be able to share that my experiences through pregnancy, labor and birth were so positive, empowering and transformational in the most wondrous ways. I can't imagine having been able to achieve the birth experience I truly desired without having had Kaytlin in my corner throughout my journey as my doula! Going into pregnancy, I had very little knowledge and very few preferences about birth, I just knew I wanted to take charge and have support. Kaytlin has provided me with tons of resources for education, gave me space to form all of my own preferences and choices, supported me with prenatal massages (she’s an incredible massage therapist!), helped my husband and I plan and prepare for labor and birth, was available by phone/text to process any feeling/question that arose, grounded and supported me through touch, movement and verbal encouragement through every moment of my labor and delivery, checked in frequently these first weeks postpartum and brought us lunch a couple weeks postpartum as we processed through all the feels of our recent experiences. Kaytlin's down to earth yet passionate personality paired with competency and strong values of respecting each mama's agency made us feel so safe and supported. She forever holds such a special place in our story of two becoming three and of my transformation of mind/body/spirit into motherhood. 10/10 cannot strongly enough recommend Kaytlin for doula support AND massage therapy!


About your doula

Kaytlin has been in the birth world since 2019 when she gave birth to her son Simon. Passionate about supporting families through their journey to parenthood. 

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