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Regardless of where you are in your life, massage can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you're trying to maintain your active lifestyle, preventing/healing from an injury or working through the discomforts of pregnancy, massage should be an integral part of your healthcare routine.


The goal of bodywork in pregnancy specifically is to address those areas in a way that helps you to relax and become more attuned to your body and what works to bring you relief and calm. Bodywork received during pregnancy can also translate into the birth/labor space where it can be a beneficial comfort measure for the laboring person. Equally important is massage during the postpartum time as it can help you heal, rest and reconnect to your body.

Though touch is physical, massage benefits can be incredibly beneficial mentally and emotionally as well. 

Our Licensed Massage Therapists have 11 years experience collectively. Our specialities include:

  • prenatal massage

  • deep tissue massage

  • therapeutic/clinical massage

  • postpartum massage

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Services & Pricing

Prenatal/Postpartum Massage           90 minutes          $170  

Therapeutic Massage                         60 minutes          $130

                                                        90 Minutes          $170

Abdominal Massage                         Initial (2 hrs)        $200

                                               Follow up (75 min)       $150

Packages available upon request (15% savings)



Meet Kaytlin


As an LMT for 11 years, Kaytlin has experience in clinical, therapeutic bodywork with a focus in the perinatal period (fertility, pregnancy & postpartum). She enjoys brining calm and relief to pregnant people as they navigate the changes in their bodies and life. 

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